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The Game Awards 2022: Where To Watch And What To Expect

Kotaku 08 Dec 2022
But what are you winning? It’s largely some cosmetic items, the only one of which I care about is the Warframe syandana if we’re being honest. Actually I hope it’s Warframe and not Wraframe, Warframe’s evil twin with the goatee and sinister laugh.

Alphabet games

The Telegraph India 04 Dec 2022
Cabal’ is sometimes derived from the initials of five councillors of King Charles II of England in the seventeenth century; but the word actually refers to the mystical Jewish Kabbalah ... To fuel our doubts, the original PM POSHAN, a child nutrition scheme, did not spend a paisa on actually dispensing food.

Marvel Snap: How Collector's Reserves Work

Game Rant 02 Dec 2022
... become the primary way by which players obtain new cards, cosmetics, and currencies.

Making face creams from coffee beans as cosmetics get greener

Phys Dot Org 30 Nov 2022
Cosmetics often use unsustainable ingredients, but new research is answering the growing demand for eco-friendly products ... The project that VTT is coordinating is creating alternative ingredient options by for use in cosmetics in a sustainable way ... "Cosmetics need to open up the evidence, so that products actually do what they claim," said Rischer.

LuluLuvely claims EA never paid Apex Legends creators for anniversary skins

Metro UK 29 Nov 2022
Twitch streamer LuluLuvely claims that EA never compensated or gave proper credit for the Apex Legends cosmetics she and other creators designed ... However, during a recent stream, LuluLuvely revealed that she and plenty of other creators helped design some cosmetics, with many Apex players never realising this collaboration actually happened.

Battlefield 2042's Escalation Battle Pass Introduces All-New Implements of Destruction

Push Square 24 Nov 2022
Featuring more than 100 unlockables, both free and premium, the Escalation Battle Pass contains a new Specialist, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, cosmetics and more.

Sanford scales up collagen extraction from fish skin in Marlborough

RNZ 24 Nov 2022
... a powder and sold for use in cosmetic products ... "Hoki skins are a wonderful example, the skins traditionally haven't been utilised as food so they're underutilised but they're full of wonderful collagen and that collagen actually is prized in cosmetics and cosmeceutical formats.".

Health & Wellness: A comprehensive guide to the benefits of drinking water

Provo Daily Herald 23 Nov 2022
As you learn about the many physical, mental and cosmetic benefits of drinking water, chances are you’ll be running to the kitchen to pour yourself a glass in no time ... Cosmetic benefits. As if keeping you physically and mentally well wasn’t enough, drinking plenty of water can actually provide you with a wide variety of cosmetic benefits, too.

Clean beauty is booming, and Black consumers fear being left behind

The Los Angeles Times 22 Nov 2022
Cosmetics have come under scrutiny because of ingredients such as talc and formaldehyde, which have been linked to early puberty, cancer and reproductive health problems ... This problem exists in contrast to a boom in nontoxic cosmetics marketed to white women ... “The FDA just does not have any power to actually be in this space.

Benefit Cosmetics shocks customers after revealing what bestselling product was designed for

New York Post 21 Nov 2022
Benefit Cosmetics customers were shocked to learn that the Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain product was actually designed for nipples ... A post shared by Benefit Cosmetics UK (@benefitcosmeticsuk). Benefit Cosmetics customers were shocked to learn that the Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain product was actually designed for the nipple.TikTok/benefituk.

New research on how makeup applied only to facial features increases perceived skin evenness

Phys Dot Org 18 Nov 2022
The first study used digitally-applied makeup and the second study used actual cosmetic products applied by a professional makeup artist. Critically, the faces in the makeup condition had cosmetics applied to the lips, eyes, and eyebrows, but no products applied to the skin.

How foreign doctors are exploiting 'crazy' loophole to pressure British women into flying out for ...

The Daily Mail 18 Nov 2022
Victims of botched operations and NHS cosmetic surgeons left to pick up the pieces and MPs are now demanding the Government acts immediately given the catalogue of extra risks attached to cut-price surgery ... Cosmetic procedures in Turkey often go at bargain basement prices compared to their British counterparts.

Woman’s left bloodied after 5 eyebrow tattoos: ‘Can’t get rid of botched slugs’

New York Post 18 Nov 2022
Eyebrow tattooing is a permanent makeup procedure in which ink is embedded into the skin and fashioned into a design that’s meant to resemble an actual eyebrow’s fullness, texture and shape. However, for this wannabe brow babe, the popular cosmetic fix was a painful flop.

Victims of botched cosmetic ops in Turkey reveal how they were left with horrifying wounds ...

The Daily Mail 18 Nov 2022
In June, she took the plunge ... RELATED ARTICLES ... Revealed. How botched overseas cosmetic surgery has cost the... The part-time care assistant was led to believe that she was speaking with an actual medic, when she was arranging her package. It was only after the op took place that she learned her discussions were with the wife of the cosmetic surgeon ... .

How About We Stop Adding Gear Scores & Cosmetics to Every Game – Extra Punctuation

The Escapist 17 Nov 2022
This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee’s taking a look at the gear scores and cosmetics that are being added to a seemingly endless amount of video games, like Gotham Knights ... It’s for cosmetic reasons ... Actually, this feeds into a separate rant I have about the difference between costumes and cosmetics.

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